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Packed with Options

Test scores increase by an average of 28% when learners study a blend of materials. Advisor Plus offers an unmatched variety of study options, from reading summaries to practice tests to study games – and plenty more.

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Any size course

Whether your course is big or small, and whether it has a few questions or a few thousand, Advisor Plus flexes to accommodate it.

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Guided Study

Take the guesswork out of “What next?” Our guided study option walks your learners through the course with bite-size lessons and assessments. There’s no easier way to go from zero to mastery.

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Why Masterfully

Masterfully equips facilitators and inspires learners for greater success – together.

Masterfully makes sharing knowledge easy and engaging for learners.

Masterfully exceeds all expectations with its robust learning platform.


Embrace the freedom of mobile learning with Advisor Plus:

  • of users prefer training on mobile.
  • of learners say mobile access is vital to their success.
  • of organizations use mobile for their online training needs.
  • of all digital media is viewed on smartphones.

  • Always connected with any time, anywhere access
  • Higher engagement rates
  • Just log in through a web browser and start learning – it couldn’t be easier

So many ways to learn

Guide Me

Let Advisor Plus suggest bite-size lessons and assessments to guide you through the course.  

Knowledge Room

Dig deeper with supporting content. This may include source material, study notes, or audio/video guides.

Check Yourself

Tag each Q&A with your confidence level — low, medium, or high — to customize future study sessions.

It’s your choice

Take practice quizzes from any topics or sections you choose and get instant scores and feedback.

Test Me Now

Choose from 25, 50, or 100 randomly drawn questions. Review or retake the exam anytime, and compare your score to your peers.

Study Games

Entertain your brain! Have fun learning with our engaging study games. 

Our learning platform works for everyone

Any industry. Any role.

First Responders
Government & Military
Test Prep, Entrance Exams,
& Textbook Publishers
Administrative & Support Services
Education & Training
Health & Social Care
Retail & Hospitality
Energy & Transportation
Banking, Insurance, & Financial Services
Gig Economy


One Million Airmen Can’t Be Wrong

Find out what makes our guides work — from the Air Force men and women who swear by our study system for promotion exams, upgrade training, and professional development.

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