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Our Story

Where it all began …

Masterfully is a sister company to McMillan Study Guides, the creator of industry-leading study aids for Air Force enlisted men and women preparing for promotion exams.

In 1988, Staff Sergeant Chuck Emry had diligently studied the dense 500-page Air Force Professional Development Guide. He’d unsuccessfully attempted the exam for promotion to Technical Sergeant — twice.

Chuck wasn’t alone. Many Airmen took the notoriously difficult test multiple times before earning their promotions.

Chuck’s wife, Susan, stepped in to ensure that Chuck’s third attempt would be different.

She hand-wrote flashcards that empowered Chuck to pass the exam. In fact, he scored so well that the testing division grew suspicious. He had to retake the exam under intense scrutiny. He scored even higher.

Chuck’s peers wanted their own flashcards — and the McMillan Study Guides company was born. Success soon followed, as customers outscored their peers and word of mouth spread.

Susan and her sister, Gayle, co-founded McMillan Study Guides in 1988. Over the years, the flashcards evolved into books, software, audiobooks, and, ultimately, eLearning. McMillan quickly became a household name on US Air Force bases around the world.

The McMillan Study Guides company kept pace with progress in learning technology, ultimately creating a proprietary industry-leading multimedia eLearning platform for the study aids.

Masterfully launches Advisor Plus

Chuck and Susan’s son, Mike, leads Masterfully, a sister company to McMillan Study Guides. Founded in 2019, Masterfully presents its flagship product, Advisor Plus.

Advisor Plus is the proven eLearning delivery system that powers McMillan Study Guides. For the first time, this award-winning platform is available to corporations, membership and professional organizations, educators — and anyone else who wants to build effective, engaging mobile-first eLearning.

Masterfully 2019. Masterfully on a card with Advisor Plus learning platform image.

Our Mission

Masterfully aims to make knowledge sharing easy and rewarding for learners and facilitators alike.

With every product we sell, we uphold our mission, practice our values, and prove to our customers that their success is our business.

Our Values


The Masterfully team applies decades of experience crafting study systems for challenging technical curricula to shape and inform every product decision and customer interaction.


We design with one goal in mind: Make it as easy as possible to learn and retain information. Our products are clear, concise, and intuitive to navigate.


We start with an intuitive platform. We apply rigorous testing to our design and development process to ensure a productive and meaningful learning experience.


Human learning is ever-evolving, with new insights and new technology. We adapt accordingly with versatile and groundbreaking study systems that meet the needs of modern learners. 


It’s simple really. When efforts fail, we take responsibility and learn. When efforts succeed, we give credit to those who contributed.

Meet the Masterfully Team

Together we bring more than 50 years’ experience in the eLearning industry to our vision of simple, engaging, and impactful online learning.



Mike leads Masterfully’s organizational and marketing strategies and oversees all operations. His work focuses on building new connections to drive growth, scale ideas, and fulfill Masterfully’s mission of making knowledge sharing easy and rewarding.

Mike graduated Magna Cum Laude from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and brings a decade of experience in the educational software industry.  

Always learning, Mike is currently studying Italian.



As Chief Strategy Officer, Susan consults on corporate strategy and key initiatives. With 30 years of experience, her insights and entrepreneurial vision inform Masterfully’s short- and long-term planning.

Prior to Masterfully, Susan co-founded and led McMillan Study Guides, a renowned software publisher trusted by more than 1 million military service members.

Always learning, Susan is currently studying nature photography.



Chief Technical Officer Karl oversees Masterfully’s product, engineering, and technical operations. Along with his expertise in software engineering and eLearning, Karl brings a relentless curiosity and drive to build powerful, engaging, and efficient products.

Karl holds a BS in Business Administration from California Polytechnic University.

Always learning, Karl is currently studying piano.