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Enhance Your Learners’ Experience with Advisor Plus

Six adaptive study approaches

With Advisor Plus, course authors can provide an array of study options — reading assignments, study notes, audio/video lessons, guided bite-size study, flashcard style Q&A, quiz and test bank questions, and study games — a winning combination.

With so many ways to explore a chapter, section, or topic, course mastery is a snap! Your learners will engage, retain, recall, and apply their knowledge at whatever level of mastery the course requires.


Multimodal Learning

Guide Me

Progress Tracking

Guided Study

The Guide Me study mode establishes a baseline assessment of a learner’s topic-level knowledge and then presents and tracks bite-size lessons and assessments until the learner masters each topic. Micro-learning at its best!

Table of contents-based structure

Advisor Plus relies on this familiar layout to present course topics along with at-a-glance details of learners’ progress.

Switch seamlessly between any number of computers and mobile devices

Modern learners are always on the go. Make sure their study system is, too. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone — ensure they can study when they want, where they want. All they need is an internet connection.

Set target scores to help learners reach their goals

Learners or admins set desired scores to help learners reach their goals and track their progress.

Tag questions with different color flags for focused study

Later, it’s a breeze to customize study sessions with filters using just those flagged, color-coded Q&As.

Peer-to-peer comparisons

Learners always know where they stand when they instantly compare their test scores against other learners taking the same tests. They also see the percentage of peers who chose each multiple-choice answer.

Randomized multiple-choice answers to prevent rote memorization

Scrambled answers help learners absorb the content, not just recall answer placement.

Review or retake exams and track improvement

Learners revisit exams and can confirm they are retaining the information and continuing to improve their scores. Plus, our easy-to-read progress chart makes it simple to see forward motion.

Accommodate any size course, big or small

Advisor Plus flexes to handle any size course and any number of questions and answers — whether a few or a few thousand.

Study games make it easy and fun to learn

Our exclusive games help keep any course engaging.