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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

What is Advisor Plus?

Masterfully proudly presents Advisor Plus, an all-new eLearning platform. It is available for the first time to anyone who wants to quickly and easily deliver modern digital learning.

Advisor Plus is:

  • An eLearning course delivery platform that offers
    • A guided, adaptive learning approach
    • Self-directed learning
    • Self-administered exams
    • Learning games
  • A SaaS platform, featuring
    • Integrated, proprietary LMS
    • xAPI-compliant LRS
    • Built-in data collection, and analysis tools

What makes Advisor Plus different?

Advisor Plus offers a fresh approach to eLearning that is appealing to modern digital learners.

Learners learn and retain more when they have a choice of learning formats and media. Advisor Plus makes it easy to provide effective eLearning: It supports multimodal content, enabling instructional designers to include text- or video-based content, games, quizzes, digital flashcards, and more. Adding Advisor Plus to your eLearning ecosystem extends learning. It enhances classroom and LMS-based learning with a mobile training and review option.

Busy learners resent linear content that forces them to cover the material they already know — or don’t need — before they can access the information they need. With its nonlinear approach, Advisor Plus puts learners in control, increasing their motivation and engagement.

The mix of informational and interactive content and multilevel organization presents learners with a range of study options. Learners can quickly refer to information or engage more deeply with learning by choosing interactive study modes.

Advisor Plus emphasizes information over the presentation and makes it easy to reuse content from multiple topics or modules in informational and interactive modes. It simplifies the design and development process — enabling instructional designers and developers to quickly create and deploy effective content.

What makes Advisor Plus the right choice for us?

Advisor Plus is the right choice for you if:

  • Your learners are highly motivated. Advisor Plus is ideal for self-directed, motivated learners.
  • Your learners need a lot of nudging. Advisor Plus will enforce minimum requirements and ensure that learners reach the targeted level of mastery.
  • Your learners are preparing for licensing or certification exams. Advisor Plus is built on the industry-leading test prep platform used by Air Force enlisted personnel for more than three decades.
  • You need to prove that learners gained competency. Course completion data is not enough to demonstrate learning. Advisor Plus provides more, offering detailed insights into learner performance and comprehension.
  • You need to connect learning with business goals. Learner data from Advisor Plus can inform business decisions, help managers identify strengths and weaknesses, and guide team formation.
  • Your training needs to cover a large amount of content. Advisor Plus has proven its mettle in rigorous use with courses containing thousands of data points. It excels at handling comprehensive and in-depth content.
  • You have limited time and personnel to develop training. Because Advisor Plus takes care of presentation and functionality, course authors can focus on content — and dramatically accelerate their course development process.
  • You worry about the cost of developing training. With its emphasis on knowledge-based training, Advisor Plus can take over information-dense teaching, reducing the amount of costly instructor-led and experiential training your learners will need.
  • You want a future-proof training platform. Advisor Plus is designed for the future of digital learning. Its courses comply with xAPI and cmi5, ensuring that learning activity is tracked according to the latest standards. Mobile-first Advisor Plus delivers learning anywhere.

Can our learners use Advisor plus on more than one computer or mobile device?

Yes. Your learners can access Advisor Plus on any internet-connected computer or mobile device that meets our minimum requirements.

Which industries can benefit from using Advisor Plus for training?

Any industry can benefit from the use of Advisor Plus!

Our unique study system is invaluable to learners in the fields of education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, financial services, insurance, government, military, energy, and transportation. It’s also ideal for first responders studying for a certification or for students concerned about entrance exams and test prep.

How can Masterfully solve specific training problems in my organization?

Masterfully offers solutions to the most common training issues that organizations face

Advisor Plus is ideal for in-depth training and competency assessment. We can help you build courses that not only teach important skills but also measure the learner’s comprehension and retention through frequent assessments. Advisor Plus is a great complement to on-the-job training, handling the knowledge-based part of learning, so trainers can focus their time on experiential-based learning activities. For certification exam preparation, nothing beats Advisor Plus. With its guided and self-directed study modes, Advisor Plus provides endless ways for learners to practice the material so they are fully prepared come test day.

For managers and administrators, Advisor Plus makes it easy to keep an eye on trainee learning progress too. At the click of a button, you’ll be able to check activity across all courses, see the progress of all learners in a course or view a learner’s performance on all enrolled courses.

There’s no easier way to make sure the people in your organization are on track to meet their goals.

Can you help me convert my training content to work in Advisor Plus?

Absolutely! We’d be happy to help get your content into Advisor Plus so that you and your organization can hit the ground running.

Just contact us here.

Can you help me implement Advisor Plus within my organization?

Yes! We’d love to help get your organization’s new training system up and running.

Just contact us with a few details and we can work out a plan.

What type of admin capabilities does Advisor Plus have?

Using simple, intuitive workflows, admins can easily

  • Customize the LMS appearance with branding and themes
  • Add learners, one by one or in groups
  • Create custom roles that match your organization’s needs
  • Generate standard or custom reports on learner and course performance
  • See detailed metrics and KPIs for individual learners
  • Track learner engagement, enrollment, and usage

What type of admin reports are available in Advisor Plus?

Detailed reporting providing insights into learner progress and competency

  • Enrollment progress – detailed insights of a learner’s progress in a course
  • Course overview – High-level summary of course activity over time
  • Course users – Time and performance statistics for each learner in a course
  • Course tests – Overall test performance graphs and details for a course
  • Course test – Summarized score and question performance, plus per-learner performance details
  • Course timeline – log of events occurring related to a course
  • LMS Activity overview – High-level summary of LMS activity over time
  • Training progress – List of course-enrollments by learner with status details
  • LMS Users – Per-learner details such as last login and # of assigned/completed courses
  • LMS User – Detailed information about learner, including stats for each enrolled course

Is Advisor Plus xAPI and SCORM compliant?

Advisor Plus courses use xAPI to record detailed learner activities, including topic completion, test scores, course satisfaction, and even question-level performance. The courses implement the cmi5 profile of xAPI, ensuring the activity data is stored in a consistent, standard format. This enables seamless integration with existing learning analytics tools. Masterfully is committed to supporting the standards required by our customers. Please contact us if you have needs beyond our current offering.

Can I add video to Advisor Plus?

Yes! You can embed video from your Vimeo or Youtube account.

Can I add audio files to Advisor Plus?


Can I add images to questions I’ve written for a course?

Absolutely! Images in questions or answers are no problem in Advisor Plus.

Why is the platform designed to present material in so many different formats?

Advisor Plus is designed on a simple, proven premise: learners do better when they have more than one way to reinforce what they’re learning.

That’s why it offers so many different options. Not only does it provide something for every learning style, but the opportunity to study the same information in several different ways will help your learner’s understanding and retention.

When will an authoring tool be available for Advisor Plus?

Authoring Plus is currently in the works. We anticipate that it will enter beta testing in the fall of 2020.

Is Advisor Plus designed to be used in a question-and-answer style format?

Advisor Plus supports question-and-answer style, plain text, audio, video, and images. While it is excellent for test prep and can accommodate a huge number of questions, you can create your course in whatever format you feel best fits your content.

How will the study games work in Advisor Plus?

Using study games couldn’t be easier. As long as your course contains enough questions, Advisor Plus will automatically pull them into the game when a learner chooses to study by playing.

No other study system on the market offers games that are this easy to use. You’ll never have to pay an extra fee to have your learners play them, and you’ll never have to put in hours of extra time to get them to work.

Just sit back and let your learners enjoy a fun, engaging study experience, at no extra effort to you.

When will study games be available?

We anticipate that our first study game will be available in the summer of 2020.

We want our learners to study with Advisor Plus. How do we get started?

Please contact us to start a friendly conversation with one of our sales team members

I’m interested in Advisor Plus, but I want more information before I make a decision. Who should I contact?

Please contact us to start a friendly conversation with one of our sales team members

Is there a demo for Advisor Plus?

Yes! Please contact us and request a product demo and we’ll be in touch with you quickly.

What is Masterfully’s mission statement?

Our mission is to make sharing knowledge easy and to engage learners with a rewarding educational experience.

With every product we sell, we strive to carry out this mission, live up to our company values, and prove to our customers that their success is our business.

What are Masterfully’s values?

Experience – The staff behind Masterfully has spent decades crafting study systems for one of the most challenging tests anywhere. Now, for the first time ever, we’re making our expertise available to the general public.

Innovation – As technology advances, we adapt. Our customers can depend on versatile, pioneering study systems that keep pace with the rest of the world.

Simplicity – No one wants a huge learning curve to bar the path forward. That’s why all of our products are designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Excellence – It’s not enough for us to provide you with a high-quality, cutting-edge study platform. We want to provide you with the best study platform anywhere.

Accountability – It’s simple really. When efforts fail, we take responsibility and learn. When efforts succeed, we give credit to those who contributed.